Sunday, October 30, 2011

part-time lovers

an autumn celebration shot in paris, october 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Love everybody one more time

one thing i know how to express, baby

black toast

burnt coffee

every day since i was twenty

anything i've done--big loose
every day i woke up last night and thought
i'd gone to die, my doctor and my family
ten pills, ahhh, ahhh--i landed on rock and roll

i've seen a million broken hearts, i've seen the happy people

and i'm sidewalks, turn me loose

you've got good sense

oh i know, stop and think
i saw things i didn't understand,
i saw one something like me, a pin in the heart is what i saw,
something like me voodoo voodoo,
this hit lady on ice, satisfaction TNT
i've been only asleep, i don't knoww here it came from laying beside me a
vioooood doooo doll, yeah!

abjhhchoo. come back, chicken

he stole my hat and he stole my coat.
he makes me so mad. he hit me in the eye--boy, boy,